Do you remember the feeling of spending your mornings, nights and weekends lesson planning?

I know I used to. I’d spend Sundays “with” my family. Really, I was in their presence, but I was thinking about my classroom working on my computer while my family talked and visited each other. It sucked.

I had NO idea what books I should read to my students. There are so many books in the library and looking all over Pinterest and Google for great books to read with my students for read alouds and guided reading took forever.

I didn’t know how to engage my student with digital toolsI could do it pretty well with math, but I struggled to take learning with physical books and engage my students even more with digital tools in literacy.


I made lesson plans for over 500 books for K-5 and read countless more that didn’t make the cut. These plans hit all of the K-5 standards. They engage students with digital tools, and they are for classic and new books that you may not have even heard of yet! I’m still reading books, and constantly adding new plans because I’m just obsessed with picture books! That’s why…

I did this all with my lesson plan templates that I’ve made connected to the Common Core standards and have shared in the Picture Book Brain Trust Community!

Can’t afford it right now?

I’m a teacher too. I get it. Sometimes money runs short. What price do you put on your TIME, though? Time you could be spending with your kids. Time you could be binging your favorite Netflix show and actually pay attention to it. Time to read a book for you. Looking at the price of this program it works out to about 4 Starbucks coffees a month if you sign up for the monthly plan. It’s 3 coffees with the yearly plan. Email to learn about pausing your membership temporarily.

What makes this program different? I looked around. There are similar programs, and they cost more than DOUBLE. A lot of those websites aren’t continuously adding new books like I do. Others don’t offer the community aspect. Others don’t have digital materials for distance learning or bilingual/dual immersion.

Can’t find the lesson plans you NEED?

Go to the Request a Lesson Plan forum where you can request a lesson plan for any book you’re interested in and the lesson plan will be made for you!

I’m really quick about making lesson plans for members! Need books for a unit about something? Leave it to me!

I made an entire unit about names for a Patricia M. after she wanted to discuss the importance of names with her third graders.

Need a unit about identity for first grade? Leave it to me!

I love picture books, and I can help you find the right books and lessons and activities to go along with them!

Make a request in the Request a Lesson Plan forum and I’ll get to work!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Send me an email at and let me know how I can help!

Better yet, ask in the community and post about what you’re struggling with!

The reason I started this community was to bring together educators who love picture books and want to teach with amazing, diverse books for ALL of our students. Together, we all know more than any one of us.

There are librarians, media specialists, ESL teachers, bilingual teachers, regular classroom teachers and special education teachers all in the community!

Take advantage of us and let us all help you!

Post your question or difficulty in the forums!

Difficulty navigating the website?

There are videos that explain EVERYTHING you need to find everything you need!

Check out the videos to help you:

  • Use the forums
  • Find the lesson plans you need
  • Get a lesson plan you’d like
  • Use digital lessons and activities

Watch the videos here!

Don’t lose access!

I understand how hard it is being in schools. I’m an educator. I also am in grad school, a father, a husband, a dog dad, an athlete.

Life can get in the way.

You can forget about ALL of the amazing resources available!

Just getting in and using the lesson plans, activities, literacy resources, curriculum maps and MORE can help you remember the things that you could be using to save you time!

Check out all of the resources you may have forgotten about!

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